Maze => Proteus systems => Topsolid Virtual – 2015

Project of Keijsers Interior Projects – first idea was Maze and on this base new concept have been created: Proteus System and Topsolid Virtual. Maze include lot of different elements of our company – symbolic and sometimes it’s a just a shape of old project furniture. Hidden Rebus was a passport to engineer office ( when we were looking for talented engineer ). Whole scene is made in blender, maze it’s just extrude shape and bended with Curve modyfier. The rest of elements are just compose into it. Final maze with top and bottom photo is combination of layers in GIMP. Visible Proteus and Topsolid elements force me to make two another concepts.

Proteus session it’s first raw set of our ERP. It’s a kind of photo session, suggestive DOF with white surranding, focus attention only on things that are important. All models are taken from Maze – which they were prepared orginally for it.

Two last pictures, final render and print screen from Blender it’s a vision of Virtual Topsolid. Imagine a scene, where we are modeling our furniture ( we can see it from all sides ), setting lights ( spots ) defined to light up shape outstanding from monitor – important – virtual shape is receiving lights from outside world, environment. Additional Wood Desktop panel next to keyboard. Ofcourse 3d Connexion – basic. Futuristic vision – I admit.