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Piotr Reczek

my name is Piotr Reczek. I have been working engineering in Furniture industry since year 2006 ( currently freelancer Topsolid Wood and Blender ). I had business trip to France, German, Spain, Holland, Algier, Libanon. On this website You can find examples of my work, solutions, ideas that I made in time. Most of projects I’m creating in Missler software Topsolid, but You can also see projects made in Blender 3D ( visualisation software – final result postproceeded in Gimp software ).

Many times in my work I’m mixing those two softwares ( Topsolid and Blender ). 3d model from Topsololid I’m updating with realistic visualisation ( on base of this 3d model ), animation or concept book in sketch kind of mood. Everything depend from the client and main thought of project. It happend sometimes that I creating concept book – guidelinebook. Is it for repetable furniture ( shops ) or for client offer. Extended with graphics, scheme, barcodes ect. they getting new perspectiv, dimension. That kind of offer upragded could contains main thought, and it proves engagment into the project. Meanly I use Inkscape ( vector software like Corel ) to put pieces together, plan layout using Topsolid Drafts, pre-renders, renders from Blender.

I encourage you to visit portfolio.