Leaving 2d experience ENG

Leaving 2d experience

Beetween 3d connection You must pass
keep parametric thought – not less.
Tops Gate perhaps let You go
if You have right word in top a cod
Now – learn, teach , exchange
Your knowledge, tops , drafts
Begin !

This film was intended to be an introduction to the world of Topsolid Wood, a part of bigger project. As such, it does not contain any instructions on how to model or run a project in Topsolid. It is a kind of a collection of tips on the author’s itself and also a hint for the viewer.

The concept and mechanics of the “topsolid gate” were created a long time ago, but it was waiting for the right moment. Currently, in the form of an engineer’s path from a monochrome / wire view, through: a scale ruler forest, a well-known river of AutoCAD files (to which the author himself added many, many files), a maze of projects in Topsolid up to the “city, zone behind the river” is a form of memories, reading experiences and a portal to new challenges and concepts.

This zone consists of several directions, like on the board from the movie. Engineers working at Topsolid will surely see a clue – a big seven – which is a wink at Missler. When Topsolid Wood version 7 – new interface? A nod to SpaceX or my Strawberry Co-working office project are directions, one of the possibilities.

All this scenery became of course in Blender. From the sketch of the gate  to the disruptions/ ghlith  in the final assembly … but this is  a topic for another article.

Please watch the movie.