Leaving 2d experience ENG

Leaving 2d experience

Beetween 3d connection You must pass
keep parametric thought – not less.
Tops Gate perhaps let You go
if You have right word in top a cod
Now – learn, teach , exchange
Your knowledge, tops , drafts
Begin !

This film was intended to be an introduction to the world of Topsolid Wood, a part of bigger project. As such, it does not contain any instructions on how to model or run a project in Topsolid. It is a kind of a collection of tips on the author’s itself and also a hint for the viewer.

The concept and mechanics of the “topsolid gate” were created a long time ago, but it was waiting for the right moment. Currently, in the form of an engineer’s path from a monochrome / wire view, through: a scale ruler forest, a well-known river of AutoCAD files (to which the author himself added many, many files), a maze of projects in Topsolid up to the “city, zone behind the river” is a form of memories, reading experiences and a portal to new challenges and concepts.

This zone consists of several directions, like on the board from the movie. Engineers working at Topsolid will surely see a clue – a big seven – which is a wink at Missler. When Topsolid Wood version 7 – new interface? A nod to SpaceX or my Strawberry Co-working office project are directions, one of the possibilities.

All this scenery became of course in Blender. From the sketch of the gate  to the disruptions/ ghlith  in the final assembly … but this is  a topic for another article.

Please watch the movie.




From Engineer point of view – 2017

Project for Keijsers Interior Projects

“A new brand Olsen and we need to organize concept to it. The challenge it self – I like it. But short time for it, make thing difficult.

First stage is to create with other engineers models in Topsolid. After that drafts, pdfs, some changes, updates. Generate cut-list, jump into ERP. We are ready to produce.

Basic is given. Now it’s time to gather round all information’s into one book. We call it guideline book. Peace by peace we are discovering and creating borders of Olsen Brand.

Use all resources, starting from Topsolid Planner or Topsolid it self. Create new worlds in Blender. Prepare all vector and raster data. Make design, first sketch of Olsen thought. Look at the time, You are late ……”

Engineer point of view – does anyone think what is engineers real job? How project look a like for him? This movie won’t show You that but perhaps make You think about it and You look more closer to their responsabilities, their point of view?

Keijsers Interior – HM Maastricht – 2016

Project for Keijsers Interior Projects

Hunkemoller Maastricht – fastly, quikly trough render eye.
Everything in Your hands Life 😉

Hunkemoller flagship – my job was to create presentation, movie that shows layout and final look of shop.

Concept it self – walking woman into shop ( we can heard her footsteps, she can only see greyscale surrounding, driven by sentences of Hunkemoller – it build the tension. In orginal version after she step in, we can heard Ms Janis Joplin, which she shouts out of loungs to her guy in a know matter. Nerves camera at the end – she need to pick up something ….

Short Story About Keijsers Interior Projects Where Do We Go Now – 2016

Project of Keijsers Interior Projects
An idea – start everything
Client bring us his concept
How the furniture will be produced?

Movie about Keijsers Factory in Bochnia – short ride trough our company. Scheme is just an idea of logical blocks. How they work togather, whats is input, how the output is create? Last question – “Where do we go now ?” – it’s our main thought to look into future, to make company get stronger, to be one step further befefore our competition.

Keijsers Interior Projects – Topsolid Planner How It Works – 2016

Project of Keijsers Interior Projects – 7 minutes movie about Topsolid Planner – software wchich is give us possibility to create shops or other rooms filled with our furnitures taken from library. Elier prepared models with description in fast an easy way we put into scene , but thats not all. On base of that we generate Quote – raport in pdf and XML data. Here we can also see system working behind it – see what is going on with information.

Maze => Proteus systems => Topsolid Virtual – 2015

Project of Keijsers Interior Projects – first idea was Maze and on this base new concept have been created: Proteus System and Topsolid Virtual. Maze include lot of different elements of our company – symbolic and sometimes it’s a just a shape of old project furniture. Hidden Rebus was a passport to engineer office ( when we were looking for talented engineer ). Whole scene is made in blender, maze it’s just extrude shape and bended with Curve modyfier. The rest of elements are just compose into it. Final maze with top and bottom photo is combination of layers in GIMP. Visible Proteus and Topsolid elements force me to make two another concepts.

Proteus session it’s first raw set of our ERP. It’s a kind of photo session, suggestive DOF with white surranding, focus attention only on things that are important. All models are taken from Maze – which they were prepared orginally for it.

Two last pictures, final render and print screen from Blender it’s a vision of Virtual Topsolid. Imagine a scene, where we are modeling our furniture ( we can see it from all sides ), setting lights ( spots ) defined to light up shape outstanding from monitor – important – virtual shape is receiving lights from outside world, environment. Additional Wood Desktop panel next to keyboard. Ofcourse 3d Connexion – basic. Futuristic vision – I admit.