From Engineer point of view – 2017

Project for Keijsers Interior Projects

“A new brand Olsen and we need to organize concept to it. The challenge it self – I like it. But short time for it, make thing difficult.

First stage is to create with other engineers models in Topsolid. After that drafts, pdfs, some changes, updates. Generate cut-list, jump into ERP. We are ready to produce.

Basic is given. Now it’s time to gather round all information’s into one book. We call it guideline book. Peace by peace we are discovering and creating borders of Olsen Brand.

Use all resources, starting from Topsolid Planner or Topsolid it self. Create new worlds in Blender. Prepare all vector and raster data. Make design, first sketch of Olsen thought. Look at the time, You are late ……”

Engineer point of view – does anyone think what is engineers real job? How project look a like for him? This movie won’t show You that but perhaps make You think about it and You look more closer to their responsabilities, their point of view?