Ricoh – before 2014

Project of Keijsers Interior Projects – project of lot strange angles. Intresting shapes but dificult to make models – not just shapes. We also need to get normal draft of construction and draft / drawing of each element separatly. Thanks to that we receive all angles of element and as You can see it was big adventure for production to cut it manually. We didn’t use CAM because of 4 axis machine only ( that time we have only 4 axis ). Each edge have diffrent angle. Shape wasn’t the problem. Here we can see only part of this project, in real there was a lot more furniture’s – each with diffrent, but characteristics side angle and colors. In this case INDEX of element ( driven by sticker trough production ), good draft with separate drawing for each element and assembly drawing with lot of views was a key to assembly furnitures quick and correctly. To avoid to many problems in modeling all sharp edges have no radius 25mm. Information about that was clear for everyone, but to make laif easier we did’t add it on drawings – only as a remark.