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We create lot of projects, few drafts per one model. Server is full of files. We all know how hard drives it is easy to fill with data fast. Lets assume we have engineer office with 8 or 9 engineers, each one could work on 2, 3 at the same time ( 2 could be on production, 1 it’s a new topic ). Above that we have project manager or boss who need to know status / progress of current projects in total or in specific order. That’s becomes a big problem to get fast and easy way – clear feedback. Get a list without making lot’s of calls / discussions.

Missler find a solution in the form of software, which could be installed with regular Topsolid – Topsolid Finder. It allow us to look for specific project or list of projects under some Parameters.

1. Topsolid Finder – Filters.


Parameters except standard filtering ( name of file, dates … ) are also data that drawing table contain ( order nr, status, drawing number, who make drawing ect. ).

2. Topsolid Finder – results.


We can save settings of our filter ( as future input ) and result. So later on, after some time we can check if the situation had been change.

That useful tool can search trough whole server or local harddrive for our files under our circumstances. By clicking one of rows from results we will be moved directly to Topsolid or Topsolid Viewer where we can look at out choice ( draft or model ). How fast program will present results depend from network, size of folder to search. In my case when I’m searching server time is ~30 minutes.