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my name is Piotr Reczek . I have been working engineering in Furniture industry since year 2006 ( currently 5 years in Keijsers Interior Projects as a Engineer Leader )and as an engineer I had business trip to France , German , Spain , Holland , Algier , Libanon. On this website You can find examples of my work , solutions , ideas that I made in time. Most of projects I'm creating in Missler software Topsolid , but You can also see projects made in Blender 3D ( visualisation software - final result postproceeded in Gimp software ).

Many times in my work I'm mixing those two softwares ( Topsolid and Blender ). 3d model from Topsololid I'm updating with realistic visualisation ( on base of this 3d model ), animation or concept book in sketch kind of mood. Everything depend from the client and main thought of project. It happend sometimes that I creating concept book - guidelinebook. Is it for repetable furniture ( shops ) or for client offer. Extended with graphics , scheme , barcodes ect. they getting new perspectiv , dimension. That kind of offer upragded could contains main thought , and it proves engagment into the project. Meanly I use Inkscape ( vector software like Corel ) to put pieces together , plan layout using Topsolid Drafts , pre-renders , renders from Blender.

I encourage you to visit portfolio.

Prezentation Short Story About Keijsers 2015 Blender visualisation Topsolid 01

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